Who We Are

KM Clark Consulting Group was founded by Mike and Kristina Clark in 2016. Our vision is simple: Ensure nonprofits have sustained maximum impact. Nonprofits are essential to our local communities and society at large. We need nonprofits to the serve the ever-growing needs of those in our communities and we need them to do it efficiently and with lasting impact.

Kristina, even before graduating from college, dedicated herself to the nonprofit field from providing on the ground services to leading and managing award winning nonprofits. Mike, on the other hand, is all business and before starting KM thrived in a world dedicated to profit margins, customer acquisition, and business management. As Kristina was leading a local nonprofit seeking a plan toward sustainability, she started a conversation one night over dinner with Mike about the nonprofits closing doors too fast or losing needed programs. It was that night that the seed of KM Clark Consulting Group was planted. Since 2016, KM Clark Consulting Group has combined the passion and service expertise of nonprofits with the business acumen of for profits to build a team of professionals dedicated to sustaining nonprofits and their impact across the United States.

Our work is guided by our nonprofit compass, the four main components that lead to sustainable nonprofit organizations:

  • Transparency
  • Strategic Adaptations
  • Intentional Action
  • Community Bound

KM Clark Consulting Group

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