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How to Write a Mutually Beneficial Partnership Agreement With a Business

How Do You Write a Mutually Beneficial Nonprofit Partnership Agreement?

We know… it can be tough to find a good business partner. Let alone one that shares the same values as your sustainable nonprofit organization.

But… the time you’ll spend doing so is definitely worth it! So where do we start? Well, the most important first step when writing a nonprofit partnership agreement is outlining what you offer and what you hope to gain from the partnership. Once you know that, you can search for the right business partner and start hammering out an agreement that will be a perfect fit!

So don’t give up! Our nonprofit consulting agency is giving you our guide on how to find the perfect partnerships and write a mutually beneficial nonprofit partnership agreement. Now… let’s get to it!

Characteristics of a Good Nonprofit Partnership Agreement

We all want to do things right the first time and get frustrated when we don’t. We know because we’re guilty of it too. So, when creating a nonprofit partnership agreement, make sure you check off the following items:

1. Working together offers mutual benefits — Both parties can reap rewards from the arrangement! Donating money, time, or resources to a good cause is always rewarding, and businesses can gain visibility and positive publicity from these collaborations. So be sure to explore all the possibilities of what your company can offer!

2. Features brand/mission alignment — It’s important for you to consider if the organizations are compatible. This means that their branding is consistent and that their missions align with each other. For example, a conservation charity would be a great partner for a company that makes camping supplies or rents kayaks and canoes to vacationers. Both organizations share a common goal of preserving the environment!

3. Includes clear communication — Communication is key in any relationship — this is especially true for partnerships! Without good communication, things can quickly fall apart. We believe it’s important to be clear on what each party expects to gain from the arrangement from the start. Maybe your organization is looking for donations, volunteer hours, or corporate sponsorship for an event. Whereas, the business owner who agrees to a partnership may want free advertising and a boost to their public image. Whatever the case may be, both parties should have a clear understanding of what’s expected!

You’ve got a good match if you’ve checked the boxes above, so now we want to make sure all expectations are clearly captured to keep things running smooth.

Define Expectations, Timelines, and Deliverables

This is where you should write down what each party’s contribution will be. At this point, the partnership agreement becomes more of an action-oriented document rather than one that defines or negotiates terms; so it needs clarity too! Make sure there aren’t any surprises in writing up these agreements and remember to clarify all promises before signing off on anything final — just like every good relationship deserves some effort from both parties involved, so does the partnership!

One of the best ways to make sure that both parties are clear on what needs to be done and when is by including a time-bound element in your agreement. This can include anything from an obligation for one party to complete a task before a specific date, all the way down to specific tasks/deadlines set during different periods throughout each day — you decide how much detail works best!

Nonprofit Consulting on Partnerships and Strategy

With so many options out there, it’s not easy to find the right nonprofit or business partner, let alone getting the perfect nonprofit partnership agreement on the first try! KM Clark Consulting Group has helped many sustainable nonprofits forge partnerships, and we’re here to help you too. We have experience with sustainable nonprofits of all shapes and sizes, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help finding a partner or want some nonprofit consulting on how best to market your organization. Contact us to find out what we can do for you today!

Here Is How & Why You Should Pursue a Business Partnership for Your Nonprofit

Here is How and Why You Should Pursue a Business Partnership for Your Nonprofit

You want your nonprofit to be as effective as possible. We all do, right? But… you’re not sure how to find the right partners.

This is such a common problem because it’s not always easy to find the right nonprofit partnerships. You want a company that shares your values and is interested in helping your sustainable nonprofit achieve its goals. That means not just anyone can fit the bill. This makes it daunting to find the right partner. When we find the right partners though, it’s worth it!

We’ve noticed that a lot of nonprofits focus on partnerships with other nonprofits, religious institutions, community groups, and schools, yet ignore one major player that could completely shift their idea of partnerships. Businesses. Partnerships with businesses offer significant advantages to both parties and should be considered whenever possible. However, it’s important to know how to approach potential business partners. So here are the top tips we’ve uncovered in our nonprofit consulting agency to get you started:

How Business-Nonprofit Partnerships are Mutually Beneficial

The possibilities for benefits when partnering with a business are endless! Not only can businesses donate products and services that will help the nonprofit, but their own brand recognition and status in the community will increase as well. Volunteers are also likely to come forward from businesses boosting the companies’ reputations and the nonprofit organization’s resources. Nonprofits everywhere should be assessing and seizing the opportunity to form these win-win partnerships.

Know What Nonprofit Partnerships Offer

If you’re still struggling to understand why a business would want to find nonprofit partnerships, then you’re in luck! There are lots of great reasons for a business to partner with a nonprofit.

Businesses want to contribute and give back to their community, and nonprofits offer a great way to do that. Partnerships with nonprofits also offer free publicity for businesses, which can lead to more sales. Plus, involvement with a nonprofit can help attract and retain customers who care about corporate social responsibility. Employees might also be happier working for a company that is committed to giving back to the community.

Find Good Potential Partners

Start by brainstorming local businesses that are aligned with your cause – doing a little online research will yield a good list of qualified candidates. Sometimes, you’ll see an obvious and immediate connection. For example, a literacy organization serving the same town as a private high school has overlapping interests. Another example would be a conservation charity teaming up with a company that rents kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards on a nearby reservoir. The possibilities are endless! Sometimes you just have to think creatively to find the connection.

Decide What You Want

Welcome to the wonderful world of business partnerships! When two or more businesses work together, everyone benefits. But how will each party benefit… it’s important for you to think about this before finalizing a partnership.

To get started, it’s important to be clear on what you want from the partnership. What will you do? What will the business do? This at least gives you a framework for having a discussion. Knowing what you can bring to the partnership is also key – you know in a general way how nonprofit partners help businesses, so be ready to offer specifics that suit the type of business you are trying to partner with. Being specific will help paint a clear picture of the value your nonprofit is bringing to the table.

Nonprofit Consulting on Partnerships and More

Do you want to grow your nonprofit?

We know that a sustainable nonprofit is constantly looking for new ways to build their partnerships and gain exposure. And we’re here to help! Partnering with businesses is a great way for nonprofits to get more donations, increase their visibility, and have access to new marketing opportunities.

We can help with forming these partnerships, let our experience provide the insight you need to get this moving. You won’t find another company that is more passionate about helping your organization than we are. Don’t wait, contact us today!

How to Build the Most Impactful Board for Your Nonprofit

How to Build the Most Impactful Board for Your Nonprofit

We understand it can be really tough to know where to start when building a nonprofit board and recruiting new board members. You want to find individuals with the right skills and experience, but you also need people who will be committed to building a sustainable nonprofit and helping move the cause forward. It’s a tough balance to find, especially in today’s world.

Without the right people on your board, though, your nonprofit will struggle. Board members are responsible for making decisions that impact the entire organization. So, you have to make sure you’re picking the right people for the job.

We’re gonna give you tips we use at our nonprofit consulting agency to help you as you look for new board members! By recruiting individuals with valuable experience, connections, and personal attributes, you can create a board that is truly impactful for your nonprofit!

Look for Passionate People

Passion should be at the top of your list of qualities to look for in potential board members, along with community connections and expertise. Passionate people are excited to learn about the organization and its mission. They’re also more likely to serve on committees and put extra effort into board meetings and meeting prep. You know what they say about surrounding yourself with people with a shared vision, right? When you are building a nonprofit board, this becomes even more important because you’ll be spending a lot of time with the individuals you choose.

Consider Their Personality

Personality is always important, but what kind of personality should your board members have? They should be passionate, with lots of expertise and great connections, but they should also have great people skills! Board members need to be accountable, amiable and confident. They also need a good degree of flexibility, because they might be asked to take on different roles on committees or in fundraising.

Make Sure They Have the Time

When building a sustainable nonprofit board, the most desirable board members are likely to have busy schedules, which is fine up to a point. What we don’t want is a great board member who ends up being too busy to carry out their responsibilities. Remind your candidates about the time commitment and ask them if they can do that. Great questions to ask look like:

  • Can you commit the time necessary to be an effective board member?
  • Have you been a board member before?
  • How did that go?
  • How many other boards have you served on?
  • If you were accepted to this board, how will you balance the responsibilities of your other boards and your time as a board member?
  • What sorts of things do you enjoy doing in your free time?
  • Do any of those activities conflict with your responsibilities to this board?

Consider their answers before you make a decision, because your board members will need to commit a significant amount of time, energy, and effort for your nonprofit to be successful.

See What Skills They Can Offer

One of the best ways to find a great board member is by checking their resume. You want someone with the skills and knowledge needed for your organization, but it’s important they share in its passion too! If you see things like financial management, fundraising, or strategic planning on their resume, that’s a great sign because these skills will prove to be invaluable for your organization.

Recruit Existing Board Members to Help

The best way to find new board members is by asking your current board members for referrals. Chances are, they know at least a few people who would be great additions to the board. You can also ask them about the skills and work experience they think the board will need. This is a great way to get a sense of what kind of people you should be targeting.

Nonprofit Consulting for Growth and Sustainability

Struggling to find the right people to help your nonprofit grow? KM Clark Consulting Group can help! We offer a variety of nonprofit consulting services to help you build a board that is both qualified and passionate about your cause. Let us remove some of that burden off your shoulders. We’re excited to get started on this journey with you.

A strong, qualified board is essential for any nonprofit organization. With our help, you can find the right people who will support your mission and vision for years to come. Board members are an important part of any organization – let us show you how to find the best ones for your nonprofit.

Contact us today to learn more about our nonprofit consulting services!