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Why Nonprofits Should Be Writing Press Releases

Why Nonprofits Should Be Writing Press Releases

How can you get your nonprofit’s story out there when everyone is competing for attention?

We know it can be tough to stand out from the noise in today’s world. Especially when there are so many worthy causes out there trying to get the same attention. At our nonprofit consulting agency, what we have discovered is that one of the best ways to get your story out there is to write nonprofit press releases.

Now, you’re probably wondering… why a press release? The answer: a nonprofit press release is one of the most cost-effective (free if you do it yourself) and efficient ways to get your nonprofit’s story in front of as many people as possible. Plus, your audience will often view the piece as more credible than conventional advertising, and news outlets might share it on their website bringing serious attention your way.

Three Benefits of Nonprofit Press Releases

When your nonprofit does something amazing, send out a press release to share the good news! Here are three reasons why:

  • Press releases help you share your story with the world!They build credibility and a positive image for your nonprofit.They aid with search engine rankings since you receive a link to your site from another reputable source.

Writing and sending them is simple and easy, so there’s no reason not to do it! A press release is not a complex writing task. Plus, there’s a free template for just about everything online these days! Just find a good template and write your own.

Also, when you share news, editors at news sites are likely to take notice. If they publish the information, you just earned some free publicity! An online press release – which is pretty much all press releases today – will have a link back to your site.

To get the most out of your press releases, you need to be careful about how you circulate them. You can use a press release service to send them to a broad list of media contacts, but you’re likely to get better results if you cultivate your own list of media contacts and reach out personally – after you’ve built a relationship of course!

Using Press Releases Strategically

Strategically using press releases can help your sustainable nonprofit achieve success over time. Don’t be afraid to draw attention to your nonprofit organization – you don’t have to brag to get press attention either. The most important thing to remember is that a press release is for sharing REAL news. So, if you’ve just won a major marketing award or secured sponsorship from a big company, this is definitely newsworthy! Take some time to celebrate and brag about the awesome job you’re doing by getting your press release written (and submitted to local media outlets) so you can get the news out about your organization. But remember, your press release isn’t an opinion piece, it’s a news piece! So make sure you write it as such.

Staying on top of the latest news in your industry is important too! If there is a news story that relates to your cause, you can share that too! Take the time to figure out how your causes are connected and add your own unique perspective to the news stories. For example, if the state’s Department of Environmental Quality announced that they are going to monitor the air quality in your city more closely, you could share that on social media. Your cause may work with this department to improve air quality, so this piece of news may be relevant to you.

Always be on the lookout for stories that relate to your cause, and use tools like Google Alerts to make sure you never miss an opportunity.

Nonprofit Consulting for Sustainability and Strategy

At KM Clark Consulting Group, we’re passionate about helping nonprofits sustain themselves and carry out their missions. Through training, strategic planning, marketing, and partnership building, our nonprofit consulting agency can help equip your sustainable nonprofit with the tools it needs to thrive. Tools just like the nonprofit press release we mentioned above. If you have any marketing challenges, don’t hesitate to get in touch — we have the experience and skills to help your nonprofit tackle its challenges.