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Best Practices for Talking to the Media About Your Nonprofit Organization

Best Practices for Talking to the Media about Your Nonprofit Organization

How many times have you encountered the unfortunate fact that too many people don’t know you exist as a nonprofit organization working hard in your local community? You certainly know your story… the purpose of your mission, the population you serve, and your positive impact on the community. Your nonprofit lives and breathes every accomplishment, and just needs a little boost when it comes to disseminating information that can increase awareness to the general public.

In this era of rapid-fire information combined with a tech-savvy audience, you should be provided with all you need to convey your message in the communities you serve. Whether you serve a large community or small, connecting with the outlets capable of broadening your reach is paramount. Have you ever heard “out of sight out of mind” or “the squeaky wheel gets the oil”? There are a number of “phrases” we could throw out here but I think you get the idea. If you are not focusing any time and/or resources on reaching your audience then you are leaving opportunities on the table, and I assure you someone else will be there to pick them up. Not only can the media help your nonprofit reach funders, but it can also help funders feel like their dollars spent are getting the recognition they want to show the community their commitment to helping the cause.

We know this can be overwhelming, so keep reading to hear our best tips on making it simpler. If you’re looking for more, contact us for a FREE discovery call to see how we can help your nonprofit reach its media goals.

First Steps

Before you try to create relationships with local media you must know who they are. You have to identify the television and radio stations in your area as well as newspapers and other print media like magazines. Watch their news coverage and read their articles. Determine what stories they cover. Are they quick to report on local stories concerning nonprofits and their impact? Are there issues they cover that could align with your services?

The advent of online media supplies an additional layer of potential media channels capable of reporting on the programs you administer and the vulnerable people you help. These nontraditional media resources are often smaller in scope and may be more accessible to engage. Ensure building connections by following outlets on all of their social media platforms and making attempts to connect by posting comments.

Make a Personal Connection

Reporters and other members of media staff are busy serving their community, as are you, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t hear back right away. Persistence will prevail! First things first, identify your organization and the purpose of your call. Be sure to ask how you can best provide them with what they look for in a story. Maybe a human-interest story? This can help facilitate the start of a relationship. Consistent communication including press releases can help validate your role in the nonprofit community.

Ensure that you are accessible to reporters and their media organizations and can be easily contacted for stories, statements, or follow-ups. The easier you make potential communication and the more significant the content, you will have a substantially elevated personal as well as professional presence with the media in your area- both traditional and nontraditional.

Your Time to Shine!

This is your time to shine an informative, appealing spotlight on your nonprofit. But your preparation has only just begun. The media windows are small and can close rapidly therefore it is crucial that you have your message distilled with essential details to gain the most impact.

You must master the most important points you want to convey and be prepared to repeat them in order to drive home the message. Practice stating each idea plus a few bonus points to color the overall interest of the interview. Try to shake off any jitters by speaking slowly, loudly, and enunciating clearly. Your time is finite so don’t lose your thread because of the fear of public speaking or other distractions.

And do not forget to state your ask. What do you need? More funding? Donated items? Volunteers? Ask with clarity and purpose because those few seconds might be your only chance at media coverage.

Forming relationships with your local media may seem daunting at first, but your nonprofit organization can reap the rewards of community awareness by cultivating long-term, mutually beneficial connections across all channels. As in any relationship, know the players, be clear in your message, and utilize the advantages of consistent media communication.

Still, feeling uncertain? Maybe you don’t have the capacity to get this going? Whatever the case, KM Clark Consulting is here to help. No commitments, just conversation. Contact us here!

5 Ways to Improve Your Nonprofit Facebook Page

5 Ways to Improve Your Nonprofit Facebook Page

Okay, so you’ve got your nonprofit Facebook page set up. Now, what’s the best way to get more out of it?

This is a common question we ask ourselves. There are so many great ways to use a nonprofit Facebook page, but it can be tough to know where to start. Like what should you post? When should you post? You might have completed the basics like writing an overview and adding contact information, but what’s next?

Our nonprofit consulting agency wants to share with you five ways to get more value out of your nonprofit Facebook page. From reaching new partners to engaging with your community, these tips will help you make the most of your page reach.

1 – Post-Great Content

Make sure to post great content on your nonprofit Facebook page! This is the most important thing you can do in order to engage your followers and keep them updated on what’s going on. Share newsworthy stories, questions for your followers to answer, and photos/commentary on recent events. Try to stick to the original content as much as possible, rather than sharing content from other sources. That way, your followers will get more out of your page instead of someone else’s!

2 – Post Regularly

Post regularly and be interesting and relevant! Brainstorm topics if you feel like you’re running out of things to write about – it’ll make you more creative and engaging. Write everything down during brainstorming! No matter how silly you might think it is; it might just give you the creativity you need to put out something amazing. Plus, think about how much your audience will appreciate having fresh, new content to read!

3 – Ask for Support

You’re on Facebook to gain more visibility for your nonprofit and highlight its impact on the community, so why not take the opportunity to ask for help too? There are plenty of people who would be more than happy to donate their time and resources to your sustainable nonprofit. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for support! Make sure you highlight actions and/or steps that people can take to support your nonprofit. Use your page’s “About” section to mention donations and ask others to share your content. Also, make sure you learn about all of the great nonprofit Facebook tools out there. With a little bit of effort, you’re sure to see great results.

4 – Make Your Mission Clear

Let people know what your nonprofit organization is all about and why they should care. You’ve probably mentioned the mission and purpose in the “About Me” section of the page, but you should rewrite it in a more conversational tone for a post. Use active voice and concrete language to explain what the nonprofit organization does and why it matters. People need to know what you’re fighting for before they can get on board. You’re on Facebook, just talk to people!

5 – Have a Strategy

The most important thing you can do for your Facebook page creates an incredible marketing strategy. This document should include your nonprofit’s goals, how you’ll measure them, and who your target audience is – read more about defining your target audience here. And on a side note: you’ll know what actions are driving your results on Facebook and can cut down on your time! Without this information, it’ll be tough to make progress with your nonprofit Facebook page. So get to work on creating a killer strategy.

Nonprofit Consulting on All Aspects of Marketing

Do you want to learn how to run a sustainable nonprofit that is backed up by great social media marketing? Nonprofit consulting can help! At KM Clark Consulting Group we offer services that will guide you through all aspects of marketing, including Facebook. With our help, you can create a sustainable nonprofit that will make a difference in your community. Contact us today to learn more!

Why Nonprofits Should Be Writing Press Releases

Why Nonprofits Should Be Writing Press Releases

How can you get your nonprofit’s story out there when everyone is competing for attention?

We know it can be tough to stand out from the noise in today’s world. Especially when there are so many worthy causes out there trying to get the same attention. At our nonprofit consulting agency, what we have discovered is that one of the best ways to get your story out there is to write nonprofit press releases.

Now, you’re probably wondering… why a press release? The answer: a nonprofit press release is one of the most cost-effective (free if you do it yourself) and efficient ways to get your nonprofit’s story in front of as many people as possible. Plus, your audience will often view the piece as more credible than conventional advertising, and news outlets might share it on their website bringing serious attention your way.

Three Benefits of Nonprofit Press Releases

When your nonprofit does something amazing, send out a press release to share the good news! Here are three reasons why:

  • Press releases help you share your story with the world!They build credibility and a positive image for your nonprofit.They aid with search engine rankings since you receive a link to your site from another reputable source.

Writing and sending them is simple and easy, so there’s no reason not to do it! A press release is not a complex writing task. Plus, there’s a free template for just about everything online these days! Just find a good template and write your own.

Also, when you share news, editors at news sites are likely to take notice. If they publish the information, you just earned some free publicity! An online press release – which is pretty much all press releases today – will have a link back to your site.

To get the most out of your press releases, you need to be careful about how you circulate them. You can use a press release service to send them to a broad list of media contacts, but you’re likely to get better results if you cultivate your own list of media contacts and reach out personally – after you’ve built a relationship of course!

Using Press Releases Strategically

Strategically using press releases can help your sustainable nonprofit achieve success over time. Don’t be afraid to draw attention to your nonprofit organization – you don’t have to brag to get press attention either. The most important thing to remember is that a press release is for sharing REAL news. So, if you’ve just won a major marketing award or secured sponsorship from a big company, this is definitely newsworthy! Take some time to celebrate and brag about the awesome job you’re doing by getting your press release written (and submitted to local media outlets) so you can get the news out about your organization. But remember, your press release isn’t an opinion piece, it’s a news piece! So make sure you write it as such.

Staying on top of the latest news in your industry is important too! If there is a news story that relates to your cause, you can share that too! Take the time to figure out how your causes are connected and add your own unique perspective to the news stories. For example, if the state’s Department of Environmental Quality announced that they are going to monitor the air quality in your city more closely, you could share that on social media. Your cause may work with this department to improve air quality, so this piece of news may be relevant to you.

Always be on the lookout for stories that relate to your cause, and use tools like Google Alerts to make sure you never miss an opportunity.

Nonprofit Consulting for Sustainability and Strategy

At KM Clark Consulting Group, we’re passionate about helping nonprofits sustain themselves and carry out their missions. Through training, strategic planning, marketing, and partnership building, our nonprofit consulting agency can help equip your sustainable nonprofit with the tools it needs to thrive. Tools just like the nonprofit press release we mentioned above. If you have any marketing challenges, don’t hesitate to get in touch — we have the experience and skills to help your nonprofit tackle its challenges.